Monday, February 4, 2008

Fossil Stone Background

We have had many birthdays to celebrate around here lately!

I made this card for niece, who turnes one on Wednesday.

The background technique on this card is called Fossil Stone.

Fossil Stone instructions:

Cut the seams down two sides of a page protector so that it opens like a book.

Using ink pads (not reinkers), rub one color on the left side of the opened page protector and another color on the right side.

Lightly mist one side with water and then close the page protector and rub together with your hands.

Open the page protector and place two pieces of glossy cardstock (back to back, glossy side out) inside the page protector and close. Rub over the page protector with your hands again to transfer the ink to the cardstock.

That's all there is to it! Very easy, but delivers beautiful backgrounds!

Colors: Pink Carnation, Key Lime
Stamps: Happy Birthday, Birthday Bash
Ribbon: Baby Pink Organdy

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