Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stamped Votive Candles

I was browsing other blogs last weekend and came upon this fun little project. This is a great gift idea for someone you just want to give a little something to.

You can find the directions for this project, here. They don't take very long to make and it looks great!

Colors: Outdoor Denim, Honey
Paper Pack: Aspen
Accessories: Ribbon, Tissue Paper, Candles


Lynann said...

I love this...great for teacher gift. Could you help me though?
I am truly having problems with the box and I dont want to give up on it. I have already made the tealights just stuck on the box.
Thank You

Melissa said...

What are stuck on Lynann? You need to make sure that you fold the top scored piece on the long sides over the flaps from the end pieces and adhere. Then fold the top scored piece on the short ends over and secure.

Sheila Bennett said...

Cute packaging.